We selected the most beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated women from Romania and trained them in the art of erotic massage to provide an unforgettable experience at the Mon Amour erotic massage parlor in Bucharest. Click on the buttons below and please look at their individual profiles to view a detailed description and several recent photos.

AMALIA28 years old, 175 cm, 59 kg
ANA29 years old, 165 cm, 50 kg
ANDREEA29 years old, 170 cm, 68 kg
ANTONIA26 years old, 160 cm, 50 kg
CORINA22 years old, 167 cm, 51 kg
DELIA30 years old, 167 cm, 55 kg
INGRID24 years old, 162 cm, 48 kg
INNA21 years old, 160 cm, 45 kg
JULIA21 years old, 160 cm, 48 kg
MIRUNA29 years old, 180 cm, 63 kg
MONICA28 years old, 157 cm, 48 kg
RANIA25 years old, 168 cm, 51 kg
SONIA21 years old, 160 cm, 42 kg
TANIA24 years old, 161 cm, 51 kg
AIDA24 years old, 162 cm, 49 kg
CARLA20 years old, 166 cm, 50 kg
CELINE26 years old, 160 cm, 53 kg
JESSI22 years old, 163 cm, 49 kg
LISA25 years old, 165 cm, 53 kg

Date of last update: 17 June 2019

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 Adresa: Strada Caderea Bastiliei Nr. 72B, Sector 1, Bucuresti

 Program: Luni - Sambata: 12:00 - 04:00

 Program: Duminica: 16:00 - 02:00

 Telefon:  021 316 88 38

 Telefon:  0732 889 966

 WhatsApp:  0732 889 966

Please note

- Mon Amour Massage is a massage services provider. We are not an escort agency, nor do we offer sexual services. Massages are of a non-therapeutic nature and for relaxation purposes only and any amounts paid are strictly for the massage.

- All services are offered at our location in Bucharest. We do not offer outcall massage services at the hotel.

- Tipping is completely optional and the quality of our service does not depend on it.