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Our erotic massage services

The erotic massage is a beautiful expression of love and tenderness, awakening the senses, stimulating a desire for intimacy and relaxation of inhibitions.
We offer a wide range of different services available at the location of our parlor in Bucharest: relaxing massage, topless massage, nude erotic massage, erotic massage for couples or hot tub massage.
The best known and most effective type of massage is the erotic massage that is considered to be the best way to get pleasure. The art of erotic massage uses techniques borrowed from Oriental societies to achieve sexual arousal and the whole experience of a massage is very intimate and sensual.

The Mon Amour Quality

We created all the conditions to meet your needs and we are proud to offer premium services and highest quality erotic massage at all levels.
The masseuses are highly trained in the art of erotic massage, the training being performed by specialized personnel (teachers). Our ladies have attended rigorous massage courses, followed by theoretical and practical tests and have a continuous and thorough training to know and apply even in the smallest details the art of erotic massage.

Prices for the erotic massage services

The prices for the erotic massage services reflect their quality and the talent and professionalism of our masseuses. The nude erotic massage for 60 minutes with a masseuse at a price of 300 RON (€ 70) is one of the most requested services offered by our parlor.
Permanent orientation towards satisfying all the requirements of our guests led to customized services and to create a varied offer for premium service. They have a length of 60 or 90 minutes, addressing both single persons and couples and include erotic massage sessions with various options (one or more girls, jacuzzi, sauna, whipped cream or champagne).

Please note:

- Mon Amour Massage is a massage services provider. We are not an escort agency, nor do we offer sexual services. Massages are of a non-therapeutic nature and for relaxation purposes only and any amounts paid are strictly for the massage.

- Tipping is completely optional and the quality of our service does not depend on it.

Tips for taking a taxi in Bucharest

While most taxi cab drivers in Bucharest are honest professionals, there are some exceptions. Some adult entertainment clubs have a practice of making payments to taxi cab drivers who bring passengers to their establishments. For this reason, there are cases where a passenger requests a particular destination and the driver tries to persuade the passenger to go to a different destination. Your driver can tell you that the place you're heading to is closed, no good or too expensive and that he knows somewhere better. In this case, you must insist on going to the planned destination. In another situation, taxi drivers can take you to a wrong location and insist it's the one requested. Finally, you may arrive at original destination only to find a local "benevolent" near the entrance explaining that there's a problem / holiday / official visit at the place you want to go and it is closed. Sometimes, taxi drivers are in touch with these people and will purposely drop you off to be received by them. The taxi driver will then offer to take you to a lesser known but even more beautiful sight. Generally, your destination is in fact open and in this case, simply refuse the offer and go and have a look. Traveling by taxi is convenient but expensive, sometimes surprisingly so. So, it makes sense to pay attention to the tricks we’ve outlined here and to take the necessary precautions to avoid them.